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Classic Motorcycle  Services

Specialising in all Japanese models

This is an example of a  restoration  that  we recently  completed on a  1992   Honda  MT50.  

 This bike was a total  wreck and  originally bought for  spares but has  been brought  back to  life.  The  owner  is  now reliving his  youth as  this was  the first bike he  bought  when he  was 16 (See our  gallery for  more  pictures).

About Us

 included some of the bikes I restored whilst working at Redrose and  some that I have restored whilst   working  for myself on the Gallery  Page for you to look at.

I aim to provide a quality service for people wanting anything from a wheel rebuild to a complete restoration.  

 I  would also like to help and provide services for the DIY home restorer.  

Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is any aspect of your re-build that you are unable to do as I am   sure I can help with any services you may require.

I realise it may take a while to build a customer base but I think if you look at the Gallery Page and check out   the quality of my work this will help you make up your mind.  

Thank you for looking.

Having been in the motorcycle trade for the best part of 30  years, 20   years with Warwick’s Motorcycles of Heywood, Lancashire I am still   very passionate about early Japanese  bikes having restored many   from this period.  

Just over 3 years ago I started working for Dave and Julie at Redrose   Retro Bikes of Todmorden,  Lancashire.  I restored many early 70’s and   80’s Japanese classics whilst working there, with many satisfied   customers.  I found this to be the most enjoyable and rewarding part of   my career.  

Having now set up business on my own  in Oldham, Lancashire I have